so i recently purchased a solid body acoustic and i leave it hanging on the wall in my home and im curious if i really need 2 get a humidifier .. also do i need to keep it in a case .. i live in south florida and its always hot and humid and the weather never really changes .. i know the humidity levels always change in your house also .. but is it really nesscessary for me .. all the guitars at the sam ash around me are just hanging in a room .. and they dont seem to have any humidity problems .. any advice ?
Get a barometer and make sure the humidity level isn't over the limit. If it is I think you can buy sillica gel to counter it.
^ How is reading atmospheric pressure going to tell him if he needs more or less moisture in his guitar? That is what a barometer will read after all.
Timmy, you more than likely will need to DEHUMIDIFY the air in your house. Do you have air conditioning? If yes, then you should be set. AC units remove moisture in the air as they cool it. Excessive humidity will tend to cause the wood of an acoustic to swell, tightening everything up. I can always tell when the humidity is going up just by checking the tuning on my Gibson SG. It'll be sharp across all 6 strings.
You can go to Wal-Mart and buy a cheapo little two gauge thermometer/humidistat. Your goal: 45-50% humidity @ 70 degrees F.
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Oops, typo. I meant a humidistat.

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