Just wondering where i could get some airsoft guns in Ill and if you need a permit or whatever
I have no idea what the laws for the US are, but here they sell them at sporting stores and appliance stores like Canadian Tire and stuff... you gotta be 18 to buy them, but that's it... at least, in Canada.
in NC you dont need a permit, its treated just like a paintball gun, so you have to be 18 to buy but not to own
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They changed the law in Illinois... you have to be 21 to buy one... at least... when I went to buy one you had to be... but then about a month later my friend went to buy one and they said you only had to be 18... pissed me off... so... i dunno
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They have everything. Good prices too.
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Get online at like Airsplat, buy a Mid-Price electric, low priced ones suck ass, an get all your buddys to get some guns, go play in the woods, it's great fun, not like paintball at all, it's more tactical, but be honest when you get hit, I hate people who don't call thier hits
Just dont get caught, no matter what the laws are. They're legal around here and some cop threatened to pull a gun on us if he saw them again. Just stay in the woods.