Hi, i'm looking at changing the neck pickup on my gibson sg. I'm looking for a dinosaur jr/sonic youth to early smashing pumpkins kind of tone if thats at all possible with a gibson, i was thinking p90's for the single coil but i realy have no idea where to start so any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
if your SG is routed for humbuckers, than you'll need to do some routing to fit in a p90.
if you want that kinda tone, go for a seymour duncan phat cat or something like that (humbucker-sized p-90)
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phat cat or gibson p-94
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thanks, those phat cats where what i was looking at, are they similar to the pickups in the jazzmasters that j mascis etc. uses?
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Jazzmasters dpn't have P-90's. And no, they're not similar. Jazzmasters are fairtly bright, IIRC...

Jazzmasters use fender style soap bars that are similar, but not identical to p-90's - I felt that they were bassier pickups though - more so than a strat at least. I think p-90's could get pretty close to J. Mascis's tone, provided you had enough effects