I have a 50s strat reissue, and the smallest allen wrench i have, that fits in my bass, doesn't fit in my guitar. My question is, is there any other non-conventional tool that I can try to use to raise my action, its only one string I need to raise. I've tried a knife but it didn't work.
a knife is never a good idea! youll strip the allen screws.
just be gentle with what your doing, dont try to force anything with great strength because your break something. (just tellin you from exprience) lol
just get a cheap set of allen keys for 10 $ maby?
The vintage style saddles use imperial threaded screws and so is the allen wrench used to adjust em. The newer style uses metric the tools arent compatable. So your bass probably has metric and your reissue has standard. They sell both kinds in a set at autoparts or sometimes the tools section at walmart. If you do strip the screw out then you get to have to fun of digging it out and finding a new screw.
I think every guitarist should own a set of imperial and a set of metric allen keys. I wouldn't recommend using any other tool for the job.
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and take the guitar to the hardware store if you dont want to buy the set. i suggest you pick up a set if you can afford it tho.

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A set of allens is like 3 dollars and its hard to by individual ones. And a set is always handy to have.