Can somebody PLEASE tab out the guitar in AFI's cover of The Cure's song Just Like Heaven?

And can somebody tab out the guitar AFI's cover of The Cure's song The Hanging Garden as well?

I can find these anywhere. I found the cure's original versions, but they don't use the same guitar parts in them, and i'm just not experienced enough to tab these particular tabs out.

Can somebody help me PLEASE!!!

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I love AFI's cover of Just Like Heaven.
Unfortunately, I have an excess of laziness, so I'm not gonna tab it.
i've got the intro part and the chorus, it's super easy, but i just can't get the little random guitar parts in the middle of the song during the verses.

Oh well, maybe somebody will get it.

btw... i love the cover, too! They didn't ruin it like most people do to covers, they just made it... somehow... better than The Cure's version.

I'll look at it later when it is quieter in my house. But no promises I am busy with something else also.
okay... just let me know if you can do it. It'd be so great if you could, but i understand.

Well, what parts do you have? I know you said intro and chorus but what are the times you consider intro/chorus?