Ok, first off, some background. I'm new here, but I've been hanging on TalkBass for a while. I picked up this guitar late last year, thinking I was going to start learning guitar better. Well... I have only ended up playing it in my apartment a handful of times in the past six months, so... I just hate to see it sit in a gear bag its whole life.

This is an Edwards Japanese Les Paul clone. Edwards, for those who don't already know, is owned by ESP. The Edwards guitars are manufactured in a different factory, and are by all means, a very high quality instrument.

I bought this particular guitar from Ishibashi. The current price from Ishibashi, shipping included is somewhere north of $925, best I can tell with the current exchange rates, and that's assuming that they charge the same shipping that they did me.

So, on to the guitar. It's a E-LP-98LTS VHB, part of the "Laquer Taste Series" so it has a laquer finish over a poly base I believe. Thus, it's not shiny shiny, just a pretty matte. The guitar is completely stock, and in basically brand new condition. No scratches, no dings, never been played in a band setting period. Much, much less playing time than a guitar sitting in a shop somewhere. I still have the stickers on it, and all the protective plastic is still on the PG and covers. Honestly, I could hand the tags back on it, and sell it as new, but I have played it a couple times so... it's really not.

The HoneyBurst color is actually a little less red than the pictures show. I tried to sap out a little of the red hue to get it closer to what it looks like to my eye, but I couldn't take it very far in Lightroom without it really making the rest of it look wrong. Picture is taken at F/1.4, 1/40sec on a Canon XTi, so the color isn't be too far off from actual. Edit -I've had to downrez the pictures to get them to fit on here. If you want the original ones, email.

This guitar came stock with genuine Seymour Duncan pickups, a SH-1n ('59 model) in the neck position, and a SH-4 (JB model) in the bridge.

Tuners and bridge are Gotoh. Nut is bone.

As best I can tell, the body appears to be one piece mahogany. I can't find a join anywhere on it, even looking from the end. I've uploaded a picture to show this. The top is bookmatched solid maple, and I don't think the flame is a thin cap on top of another piece of maple. Again, I can't find a seam in it looking in the neck pickup hole. Neck is one piece mahogany, with wings on the sides for the headstock. Neck is a "deep" tenon joint. I believe the construction is supposed to be more like the late 60's Gibsons than the current models.

Here's its product page: http://espguitars.co.jp/edwards/lp/E-LP-98LTS.html

Comes shipped in original box, with all tags and accessories. Also come with the ESP gigbag it came in.

Price: I'm looking for $830 plus actual shipping, OBO. Shipping estimates are $65 to West Coast, $50 to East Coast via UPS. If you want it insured, that's extra. All I can say is it shipped to me from Japan through the Postal Service without any harm to the box at all. I'd prefer to do MO. I can take Paypal, but we'll have to iron out the details on that. I think PP would take about a $30 bite out of this amount of money, and I'm not real keen on that.

I'm new here, so I don't have feedback. I can give you links to other places I've done business in the past though.

My SN on Ebay is maamoul

Most of the feedback is old, because I haven't been real active buying and selling like I used to be.

Feel free to email or PM me with any questions.

Thank you,

Quote by stephen_rettie
i wish i could afford that, these are incredible guitars
id recomend ebay though, these guys sell pretty easy on there

I actually was working up an ebay ad before I posted this here. The problem is, they tack on another $30 - $40 for the ad. Once you start doing that, and if you use PP, all the sudden you're in for close to $75 just in fees. That's a lot of overhead just to sell a guitar. I can offer it a lot cheaper here, especially if the buyer is willing to use a MO.

BTW, I suppose if anyone wants to swap a Canon EF 100mm Macro +$$$, or 70-200mm IS L lens for this, I'd certainly be open to that as well.

Thanks for the comments. I wish I could play the thing well enough to justify having it.