Hey guys, I was just wondering if a pre-amp or a power tube could be removed with the idea of lowering the output without any harm to the amp head???

I've got a B-52 AT-100 amp head, but in general I was wondering if it can be done or is this a major no-no.

Thanks, I appreciate any constructive comments.
I don't think taking out a pre-amp valve would make any difference. If you removed two of the power-amp valves (assuming there are four) then that can work in some amps, but not all and it is not something I would advise. You'd still have a lot of power, though, so if you're looking to get a saturated power-amp sound, you'd be better off with an attenuator, to be honest.
you can take out a power tube or two and lower the output
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you have to do them in the correct pattern

theres a guide for this for the Laney VC30 on the first page of the laney thread. check that out of ask the guys if it'd work on your amp
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If you take out a preamp tube it probably wont work. You need to get the info on your amp not all amps can do the pull 2 tubes mod. And it wont work if there is only 2 power tubes.