Okay, so I'm using Fruity Loops Studio 7. I'm brand new to it, and I'm trying to create a drum loop. I made a beat in the drum set piano roll, but I don't know how to loop it. Anyone know how or can anyone point me to a tutorial that will tell me how?

Actually, I Can't really help you out... but when you get a drum track, could you perhaps send it to me? as I have not played with any sortof drums except with CD's in a while.
I haven't used version 7, but I'd assume that if you made the drum loop in pattern 1, just put pattern 1 on the playlist, select 'song', and hit play. when it reaches the end, it automatically starts over. and if it doesnt, find the loop option, or just put more cells of pattern 1 in the playlist. sorry, i dont have the program on this comp, so i cant look at it now, but that should work.

or you could select "pattern" or "pat" or whatever right next to the play button, keep pattern 1 open, and it will loop only that pattern. if you're trying to make a mp3 of the drum loop, you're gonna need to paste pattern 1 into the playlist however many times as needed then export as mp3 with LAME codec. I'm pretty sure FL comes with LAME, if not you can download it for free (legally)
There's a button up top by the clock that toggles between the full song and sample only. click that and it should loop through the pattern that's currently active.

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