all prices are negotiable. i am looking for overdrive pedals like a Maxon OD-808 and a Wah....preferably the Morley Tremonti Power Wah. but feel free to offer anything. prices do not include shipping.

An MXR ZW-44 Overdrive pedal. this is a great sounding pedal. im still kinda in the air on selling this one. i changed out the original knobs. $65

Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor pedal. this has been my trustly noise gate for years. but now that i have an ISP this one does nothing but collect dust. $65

Boss MIJ GE-7 Equalizer. amazing sounding pedal. it is missing the caps on all the sliders. i replaced the Battery harness. $75

And finally i have my Morley ABY Pedal. I only used this one for about a month. when my wife bought me a Radial ABY this one sat next to the NS-2 above. $40
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I'm interested in the NS-2. would I have to pay shipping?
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not to canada. we would have to split shipping. PM my you address and ill geta quote. we will work something out.