They tell you love,
To protect you from the truth,
The De-evolution of human feelings,
A lie that protects,
Barring you from the pain,

Swords pierce hearts,
lies pierce so much deeper,
A blade with two sides,
and a warrior with a choice,

To be the barrier,
Or to be the the pain,
Let me protect you from the pain,
I've been waiting for this day,
For I'm the sword,
And your the shield,
This is a war of morals,
Truth wins the battle today,

Crying never solves any problem,
Solve your lies,
But show me your fear,
I'm lying to protect you,
I want you to look closer,
This holds a deeper meaning for you,

How am I suppose to feel,
your tears are empty,
Like my words,
Time for us is without purpose,
Quote by Mad Mike 829
Girl: Thats not that difficult
Teacher: Of course not, I wouldnt star you on something hard
Girl: I wanna see something hard
Me & Freind: Thats what she said!

ended up getting kicked out for disrupting class