I have a Fender Squire Strat and I was wondering if anyone could decode the serial number. I've been looking on the internet for ages and I can't find anything! The number is IC 040910783.
Thanks in advance,

Sorry, I'm a n00b, and I should have done a search before posting.
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What do you mean, decode it? :S

The serial number is a unique ID set to guitars to identify them. You can't 'decode' it.

Write it down, keep it safe, and then if your gear ever gets nicked, you can use the serial number to id it. Squier's guarantee program may also rely on you knowing the number of your guitar, to ensure it was made in the correct period.
Yes, but i'm trying to work out what year it was made in. Sorry for being so confusing!
^Most of the time the numbers actually mean something, anything from when and where it was made, to what kind of wood it is.
All I can say for that particular guitar is keep searching.
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i determine the age by the amount of wear and tear on my guitar lol...
as in the squire im playing on now is beat to hell... and says "korea" on the back. id say its a 90's strat? right? just guessing...
older 80 strats are usa made arn't they? i could be wrong on this...
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