and why has mods banned people for simply posting in a thread in the pit?

surely this is a prime example of power being abused

i mean, people get banned for breaking no rules
banned just because some mod has no life so lives infront of a blinking screen getting sexual pleasure from banning people

don't get me wrong, i have respect for the majority of mods
but i appears one or 2 are responsible for making these forums and in turn this fantastic website into some sort of joke

who else is pissed off about this?
I'm not. The people that posted in that thread were hilariously daft. I think I'm doing you a favour when I go;

This isn't an American website. This isn't a democracy. The mods are right, you're wrong. It sucks, but that's the way it is.
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Quote by MoleMania
This happens?

about 30 ppl got banned today for posting in a thread

some were just asking if it was a joke or asking what was happing