Okay, this has been bugging me for the past 2 months..
(im new to this stuff so take it easy on me
This summer i want to record using 2 electric guitars and 2 mics on my ibook, just simple recording nothing too fancy or high quality.
now i have a ibook tiger, and the only way i found to record directly into the ibook is to get a usb interface.
im pretty cheap and am thinking about getting a cheap behringer interface, with a L and a R RCA inputs, so...i thought if i got a cheap mixer with RCA outputs i could easily plug it into the interface.... but wait... most of the 5 input mixers have the L R 1/4 inputs... now would i have to get a Y chord to plug guitar/mic to both L R? or could i plug say a guitar in the Left and another guitar in the Right?
im really confused, do you need mic pre-amps for a powered mixer?
AND, if you guys could also help by telling me the cheapest set up i could possibly get.
thanks sooo much!
i kinda need to know ASAP... before summer.