Complete newbie with amps... looking for settings for warm Blues tones (admittedly, i'm playing with a cheap Legacy ST1 Strat).

Appreciate any settings you have found effective (even if its for other musical genres)... thanks.
ultimate settings thread.
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Seriosuly u guise i think he shud sell his microcube and buy an mg...they're we;ll gud you shud by the mg100hdfx cos its a halfstack and 100w.......+ its a marshall so its well gud rite??

if u cant do that u shud at least scoop ur mids full..like treb 10 mid 0 bas 10.

also buy a bc rich warlock cos they're teh metalz and tune it to drop f.

...What were you expecting, a serious answer to a thread we see every day? Ultimate Settings thread.

neck pickup, mid-low gain, cut off some treble should sound fairly bluesy.
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using your neck pickup is a must
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The Ultimate Settings thread often talks of Bass/Mid/Treble settings... there aren't dials for these on the Micro Cube but there are pre-set models, effects and gain/tone dials... so what would i do to adjust bass/treble?
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