So... I got a cool B.C. Rich Avenge Son Of Beast. It has only a humbucker and I wanna get a new one to fix my tone. This are my choices so far:

Dimebucker ----kinda cool but I dont know if I can play clean things with this one
EMG-------------- still looking for a model ... I want the pickup to be passive.
DiMArzio-------- the super distortion pickup.... the one that adrian smith and dave murray use...

I play mostly: Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Megadeth ,etc almost every branch of the metal genre... I want a pickup that delivers good distortion (high output) and that can sound good when Im playing clean or distorted.....

Thanks for your help
What amp are you using? If the amp sucks, no humbucker will do it justice. Also, I would invest in another axe b4 I upgrade that one, but that's just me.
You'd probably be better with a SD JB rather than the dimebucker if you want any clean tone at all
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If you're using that fender on your profile, then get a new amp before pickups.
Dimebucker-- Horrible option, used to own one
Emg Passvie-- Even worse then the Dimebucker
DiMArzio-- never tired them

JB would work out fine
Emg Active if you have a tube amp
Gfs for cheapo's

But i would worry about an amp first....Unless you already have one...