OK, let me start by saying that I really don't mean to offend anyone. I'm not trying to convert anyone, I just feel that this is probably the best place to find good help.

So we've hit a wall. God knows that there isn't much good worship music out there (joke). After two years our band feels stuck on the same 20-ish songs. It's so boring. Is there anyone out there that can give me ideas for fun, easy-to-sing-to, heartfelt worship songs? Too many slow songs. Jesus never struck me as the ballad type... I always pictured him in a friendly ol' mosh pit.
well how about you write some music that isnt a ballad it's way more fun and you can actually imprint some of your feelings about worship into it
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Thanks lexaah. I've always thought that we should. but none of us are the worshipful types. I guess that makes us bad people. XD But I totally agree, we should, and if this keeps up we just might have to.
Write heavy, energetic music - or any style music you want! Then just write some lyrics about Jesus or God or Moses or whatever; because, it's the lyrics that make the music Christian, right?
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God knows that there isn't much good worship music out there (joke).

That's no joke, I'm no "worshiper" of any religion but I've heard my fair share of that type of music and the vast majority of it sucks. There are enough covers in the religious world of music, it seems like I've heard a million different christian bands playing the same song, with the same lyrics, the same way as every other christian band. If you wan't good music to play take it upon your selves to write it your selves.
write about something epic that he did, make like an epic metal thing
or about the inspiring "faith" or whatever of a certain community
I dont really have a clue what worship music is so theres a completely unbiased opinion
so you want praise songs rather than worship songs.

so yer, either write them, or go to a christian music shop (wesley owen if youre in the uk) and theyre bound to have some you can listen to instore for ideas. there are also a lot of songbooks about that have music cds in.

just listen to as much as you can and you'll find something

EDIT: if you want some heavier/more modern stuff then listen to third day and kutless.

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or just write your songs if you want more styles
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It would be good to take religious ideas and put them into everyday situations for the lyrics.

You could make some pretty epic, meaningful songs that way,

Im picturing some kind of melodic metal anthem