Sup UG, I just got a Dean Pace upright 5-string bass, despite the negative things I've heard about it it plays very well with the simplest adjustments. I have had no former bass experience as I am a guitar-player first. The genres I like are hard-rock like AC/DC and the Zep, but mainly I am a fan of ska bands like Sublime and Big D. Can anyone recommend easy ska/reggae songs for me to learn?
Stir It Up seems to be a Reggae standard... you could probably bust out some of the easier Motown songs real pretty on the baby.
You're trying to learn upright with no experience? I highly, highly suggest finding a teacher.
Nah I am looking for one but it's hard cause I'm a little short on cash and I don't know if I should drop my guitar lessons just to be able to afford upright ones.