EC: 24.75" scale, 22 frets, mahogany neck, Duncan pickups

V: 25.5" scale, 24 frets, maple neck, active EMG pickups

The EC is probably more versatile, where you might find the V to be more of a metal-style guitar. But you really should play both and see which sounds/feels better to you.

Of those I'd personally get the EC, but that's probably because I already have a V-shaped metal-style guitar! Just gotta go with what feels right man.
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definitely get the EC
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ec because of the duncans and the classic shape. but if you are really into metal, then definately the v. just stock up on the 9 volts.
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Metal is definitely my cup of tea, it's what made me want to play guitar in the first place. Plus I like the V shape, it kind of fits my (newborn) style, and it's special. I like having stuff different than most people's, and I know that I don't buy a guitar for it's looks of shape, but I think I will be more proud if it was the V that I took out of the case everytime I wanted to play.
But on the other hand, versatility is something I need in my first guitar.
Well in the case that you don't seem to be 100% set on either one guitar, your best option is to go to a guitar store and try both of them to see how they sound and feel. Otherwise you'll never know for sure which one you really want.
That's the real problem here. Neither guitars exist in Israel. My mom is gonna get them for me from Canada.
esp v's are not so good.
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I'd like some more opinions.. And maybe a possible V from another brand? I really like Vs :P 750$ from MF.
Well, both guitars would be good. The EC would for sure be a better guitar to learn on because of the scale and the and the less hardcoreishness. (WOW, that is a cool word!) But V's are very, very fun. Probably weigh quite a bit less also, and have more metal pickups, only that is my opinion. I love my Epiphone V, if that would be another company to look in to, otherwise, if you are in it for the long hall, go with the V!!!
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I was just looking at the RR3, but it looks less hardcore because of the uneven V shape :P It has the same SD my friend has on his fernandes ravelle and I like the way it sounds. Will look into the epiphone right now edit: I don't like it. :P

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If you're after something crazy looking, check out the Ibanez Xiphos. Or if you're kind of set on getting a V, there's the Dean razorback standard, or the BC Rich NJ Jr.V.
The Dean and BC rich seems nice, but not as nice as the RR3. I might have to go with that, unless someone can talk me out of it :\
I'd say check out the Agile Reaper! I've never played it, but for the good price and the fact that Agile is a respected company with good-quality affordable guitars, I recommend it: http://www.rondomusic.com/reapercusblack.html
I say get a V of some sort.
Having a guitar you like to look at motivates you to play a lot.
v's are cool but remember that they are very difficult to play while sitting...pretty much a stand up guitar
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v's are cool but remember that they are very difficult to play while sitting...pretty much a stand up guitar

Not really. I feel more comfortable sitting with my V than I do with strat-shaped guitars. For some it may feel awkward, but you just have to get used to classical stance.
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Playing standing is cooler anyways :P And I'm sure it's possible to play sitting. Something in my gut tells me to go for a V, wouldn't forgive myself if I did otherwise.

RR3 it is it seems then.

Edit: What's this btw? http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Jackson-Kevin-Bond-Signature-Rhoads?sku=511573X

Thats the made in Japan sig guitar for Kevin Bond of Superjoint Ritual. Really great guitars. Neck-through and come with a very high output pickup. Not exactly the most versatile of guitars out there, but it's a quality axe for sure.