I have an Original Crybaby right now, and it's pathetic. However, I love wah in my sound, so here's what I'm asking you all. Which wah is best for metal/shred? I need it to be able to cut through thick distortion and not be as harsh as the original crybaby, so smooth. Thanks
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probably a crybaby 535Q?

yeah he's about right.

some alternatives would be the ernie ball version or the vox wah reissue.

sorry i can't be more descriptive but I don't really use wah much.
no metallica used a vox (modded ofc) Anyway ive got a fulltone clyde deluxe, and will really go from the vocal voodoo chile (And i mean absolutey spot on the tone) to a growling bad horsie 2 almost synthy sound. Sure it costs a few £ in england, but its really worth the money.

My friend who WAS the proud owner of a vox v847, a really decent wah pedal. Tried my clyde thinking it would be the same as the v847, but cranked out voodoo chile. And quite literally was speechless. Anyway add lord_varkunus@hotmail.com or PM me if you want some sound samples or general advise. And trust me ive had a few wahs, from crybabys to morleys. All sorts
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That's what I own. It rocks. It also you have control over the volume level, also gives you a nice boost.
try morley, power wah or steve vai bad horsie

i have the clasic wah, and it holds up well withdistortion, up to a point, after that its inaudible
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No WAI guys. RMC wahs FTW. Get a Pic wah. Awesome pedal.
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try the mark tremonti power wah, its got a thicker sound and its got boost. the step on engage is also pretty cool