I have a 15W fender superchamp xd, and looks like I need to replace the tubes, so I figure I might as well upgrade the speaker. Any recommendations on for a 10" speaker that's suited to classic rock or a more bluesy kind of music?

I'm planning on getting JJ's to replace the 12x7, but I have 6v6gt's in now, so would a JJ 6v6s work with that as well?
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Check out ted weber, he makes some good stuff for a nice price. I think he even has a 10 inch speaker specifically for the older champs, I'm sure it would work great for yours.\

Edit: Whoops, older champs have 6 inch speakers, o well. Either way, ted weber makes good speakers.
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Ok, I know Weber, Eminence and Celestion are well thought of. Any specific recommendations for an individual speaker?

IE: Ragin Cajun or Legend 105 or anything along those lines?