I currently have an 87 Ibanez RG 770 :

only in a red finish.

I was hoping to make some mods to it. Namely rounding out of cutouts to so they aren't so pointy. But the real project was to strip the finish down to the wood. Stain it a nice deep color (just a uniform finish, i'm not doing any sunbursts) and then giving a couple clear coats. First offAnybody know what wood would probably be under the finis (i'm guessing ash)? I can't find any info about this since Ibanez only made it for 2-3 years in the 80's. And how would any of this affect the tone of the guitar. I was read in guitar world from about 2 years ago that striping the paint off a guitar tends to "open up the sound" which is extremely vague. Any help is appreciated.
I can't seem to find anything about the guitar wood so your best bet would be to just ask Ibanez, send an email or call - they should know.

I think when a paint is stripped you get better treble response, I think I read somewhere that Page did it to one of his LP's. I personally think that the tone difference is negligible for most, but I've no idea how good your ear is.
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Sorry I can't help you about the guitar. What the guy said above might work, calling or e-mailing Ibanez. That's a sick guitar by the way.