the song is pretty cool, although its kinda slow
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this song is pretty professional if i do say so myself...

when i first listened to it i felt like i just got roundhouse kicked in the face by a leprechaun and grabbed by the neck by my very own mother...

keep up the good work sonny
Nice riff. Ohhh vocals...nice feeling. Not amazing but I love the emotion you're putting into it. You need real drums, and I feel the tempo is a little too slow. Cor nice strings. I like the clear vocals, are you using any compression? Could do with a little delay or reverb on vocals I feel and maybe some over dubbing. Bridge ok - I like the different higher notes the vocals are using. Nice piano. Love it. Would have liked more strings and piano during the whole song.

Overall nice song. Good emotion in it, could have been put out better but basics are there, a bit more effort and this would be great.

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wow. i am really impressed by this song. when i heard that weird noise at the beginning i was thinking it was going to be some techno song or something that i wouldn't like very much. it's a pretty simple song on guitar but i love the use of triads in the verses. the vocals were pretty good. the bass solo was great. the piano outro was beautiful and it really made a great ending for the song.

9/10. keep up the good work man!