hey i have a zakk wylde overdrive pedal and it sounds great with my amps distortion. im thinking about getting the big muff pi as my distortion pedal and i wanna know if anyone has any experience mixing the wylde with it? do you think it will get too much fuzz? feedback? thanks in advance
Well there very different pedals so its hard to distinguish what they will sound like. I don't have any personal experience mixing those two together. But I have mixed the Muff with my amps distortion and the feedback is not nice, but its retainable. A noise gate or lowering the treble and gain can also overcome the problem.
The sound was... weird and a little bit tasty but I think your on the right track with finding a nice tone, but there's two much gain and noise with those two combined. I always found anything Electro Harmonix developed resided with itself best. Not accompanied by your amps distortion or other effects pedals. But thats just my personal experience's.
thanks dude it helped. i dont get feedback with my amp distortion with my wylde. do you think i will even when my amp is clean and im using the muff and wylde?
Probably not, depending on what pickups you have and what kind of amp you have. Distortion is not the only way you can reach feedback. How close you are to the amps, single coil pickups have a far greater tendency to distort, softer woods such as Alder and Basswood often lead to feedback. I wouldn't worry too much about whether it will be noisy for you unless you have fairly cheap gear already. If you have top notch stuff, there shouldn't be any problems mate.
Distortion pedals generally don't go well with onboard amp distortion.

Distortion pedals aren't the same as overdrive pedals either.

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