Ok guys,

so im an aspiring shredder who plays metalcore(ala The Human Abstract, Between the Buried and Me).

ive been looking into a new guitar, and i found this Ibanez:


i am a bit skeptical.

a) because i plan on putting and EMG 85(like my SG) in the bridge, and use the stock neck pup in the guitar i choose for cleans and such. which means i need independant volume and tone controls

b) i am a les paul fan/player at heart.

i love the tone, heavyness, and shape of a les paul. but it isint quite the shredders guitar due to its thick, round neck and lack of playability on the lower frets.

is there any guitar that can combine the best of these qualaties to get me what i need, and under $600. the only thing i object to is NO LOCKING TREM!

thanks in advance for reading my rant

links would be nice