basically im just looking for a bluesy tone.

Slashesque if you will.

i play my cleans on my neck pup(stock epiphone)

i have a simple bass, mid, treb setup, but i can use my 7 band eq if needed.

any prefrences?
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Try changing your neck pickup.

That'd probably help. The VK doesn't do blues very well imo, the clean channel's too sterile... Sell the VK and get a Classic 30?
^^i meant about eq

^i happen to like my amp for my metalcore playing(and its alll i can afford).
i just have a wide variety of tastes and enjoy a bluesy clean sound.

i just hate racking my brain with diffrent settings
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No matter how many times you mess with the eq you won't get that good of a tone. I used to own a VK and was disappointed with it until I switched out the tubes for some JJ's and dropped in some vintage 30 speakers. If you don't wanna go that route, try adding some efx to color your tone.
I wish. However, I'm not. I'm out of college, have a decent job and a semi-pro musician. I love playing, that's why I invest in it. I also know how to haggle. I was able to talk a Guitar Center employee to take $700 off my Taylor. Half my gear is used tho. Try checking out craigslist.com or any musician classifieds to look for gear. Try local guitar stores as well. Ebay? Where you located?
this is exactly why we have the settings thread. if you want a slash-esque tone, look for his settings. or any other guitarist for that matter. if its not there, ask in that thread.