epi les paul
epi tony immoni sg
gibson sg with p-90s

i know you will say the gibson is twenty times better than the epi [n00b] what the ****? but i wanna know which one would be more versitile? and which would be better jammin and better with riffs.

basically better all around
What music do you play?

What's your budget?

You need a new amp.
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You need a new amp.


The Epi LP is probably the most versatile though, especially with a pickup swap.
Not the Tony Iommi one, sadly
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Probably a Les Paul Standard would be the most versatile.

But you DO need a new amp. Perhaps split the Budget with more towards the amp.
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1) New Amp
2) You usually can't ask "What guitar is better". It's total preference, sure, you can get an answer based on the guitars' specs, but when it comes down to it, it's what feels right to you.