Wrote this a while back, along with quite a few other's, anyway im thinking that i may turn this into lyric's for a song, im not sure quite where to start though.

tormented soul, forever searching
not knowing what it desires
not caring for what it may find
through the dark, sickening lies it does creep

sights of horror, vile despair
the black soul, he does not care
for once you've seen life, you have seen hell
brutal, sickening views that no one dare tell

still tormented, for ever searching
the black soul, resides to his fate
lays down his arms, and forgets to hate
looks around at all that once was and begins to cry
he knows this is the end, he knows it is his time to die
sounds a little emoish, but i assume this is your style so i guess as a poem its alright. I'm just not sure how you could turn this to lyrics. i tried hearing it in my head if it was screamo, slow paced, alternative etc. i think for this to sound good in a song it would have to be reggae.