A while ago I bought parts to make a DA Fuzz Face... I printed out the plans for a PCB. Is it possible to use these plans on a perf board? If so, how? The site changed the plans I printed out since then so I don't think it would help to post it =P
I know this is probably a noob question =/

Quote by guitar/bass76
What about point to point wiring? Or hook-up wire?

I'm still a noob to this so I don't know what that is xD
Point to point is just like it sounds - you take each component leg and solder them together so that you don't need the copper tracks of PCB's
Hook up wire can be solid wire (think of something like a thin coat hanger) or stranded (made up of many finer wires), you would take each component leg and solder short pieces of the wire to replicate the copper tracks of PCB's.

Do you have a copy of your specific schematic? Could you make a scan or something - there are much more knowledgeable users who could probably help you more with more information.