I'm looking for an amp that's good, inexpensive, preferably not too loud, and most importantly, versatile. I want to be able to play anything from metal to funk to blues to jazz. What do you recommend?
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**** you, i live in uruguay.
Really not sure about the budget. Maybe around 800 dollars or under.
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**** you, i live in uruguay.
DON'T GO FOR B52! Not really a fan of Peavey Valveking. Try either a Fender Hotrod Deville or Delux or if you can find it Marshall JTM! That's what I use. very veristile!
I would search your price range through musiciansfriend.com to get an idea. Research your selections, harmony central or here. Then test it out.
Anyone else have any suggestions?
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**** you, i live in uruguay.
i think, not for sure. but u can try to get a hughes and kettner switchblade combo off ebay or craigslist for around 800, these amps go for 1400 retail, in fact i don't know if any major retailer carries them cause of their rarity
Try a Randall RM100 or RM50. It's a tube hybrid. Tube with Mods. Check em out.,
How is the Vox AD30VT? I've heard some demos and I like the sound, and the price is excellent.
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**** you, i live in uruguay.
if you really want something thats versatile think about a traynor ycs50. The 3 hours I spent with it I could dial in anything from a country twang to balls to the wall distortion. It has two channels: one clean with a gain knob, and an overdrive with a boost, separate eq for each. Some notable features are a 15/50 watt switch, usa/brit switch which will adjust how loose the clean sound is, and a boost on the overdrive channel that is adjustable and footswitchable. I played my friends and he said to make sure the tubes are biased properly because when he first got his it had ice-picky highs. He said after the tubes were biased correctly the amp came to life. It can run both 6l6 and el-34 tubes. Needless to say I wish I had this amp.
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