i can sing jsut like the frey's how to save a life. Thats what i can hit very well that vocal range. 1. what key is it in. and 2 what kind of singer does that make me?
the song starts out in G with a capo on 3 rd fret. DOes it make it in the key of G? and stays in that scale. GABCDEFG?
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I don't know the song, or what kind of singer it makes you. I'm not very good at this stuff, I just play it. But, if you are playing G with capo on the third fret, that would be B flat major without the capo. But most likely, it is G minor (minor version on B flat) So yeah, it is in the key of G, but G minor, not major. Why do you want to know? And I hope that all made sense :P
wwjd? judson
How to Save a Life is in Bb Major. Not positive, but the Fray's singer's range seems to make him a baritone.
It's Bb Major, because, the chord shapes are based on shapes in the key of G major, but moved up three half steps by the capo, to Bb.
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