I have beendoing lots or research on rondo guitars and I am going to buy one. But now I do not whichone t get. either This one or this on. THe only difference is the pickups, they're P90's After hours of listening to them I still do not know which to pick. I play some RCHP, Pink Floyd, a bit of blues, and some of my own stuff. This will be my second guitar so I do not want to buy a MIM strat or something. I also don't want to get an LP copy (agile) sicne that is a bit too deep for my taste. I think that the P90's are between single coils and 'buckers right? what are the advantages/disadvantages for P90 one tone button versus 2 tone buttons?
hmm, with the only difference (if as i see) being the pickups, its all a personal choice. depends on what you play...

i think im going with a different dual P-90 model from them, but i dont know. I want to change the pick guard anyway, because i dont like the white color and the electronics. i dont want to hijack your thread, but does anyone have a clue to how much a H-x-H wired pickguard and trem cover would sell for (with P-90's)?

http://www.rondomusic.com/product1351.html is the guitar i am thinking of (hopefully the wood isint noticeable where it glues.
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In this case I'd say you're better off getting the standard S-S-S instead of the p90 equipped one. Rondo's low-end p90s really lack compared to the higher end ones used on the AL-3000.
so these P90 pickups are not that good quality? Hmm. I kinda liked that bit deeper tone of the P90. By the way can the P90's give that high pitched scream? you know like a shrill kind of sound? That's why I like single coils, wil I loose that sound from with p90's?