So, what is a most that has to be on a practise routine.

and what is on your practise routine and do practise routines help your playing?
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i always start out with a song to warm me up ("You Shook Me All Night Long" recently)

then i do some scales or finger exercises

then i get back to what ive been working on the previous days

then i just screw around

a practice routine doesnt HAVE to have anything, just what you think is right

i warm up with finger/ alt picking exercises to loosen me up. i play whatever i want like messing around. then i play what i wanna work on or learn. slow and then faster and faster.
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Quote by Midnight Murk
I don't mess around making up a routine or doing boring exercises. I simply choose a song to play and play. Some days I'll decide to learn a new song so I'll turn it on and see how far I can get by ear on the first run. Some songs I can get on the first run through. Others require a few times if there are hard parts. I adapt the songs to my own style and always improvise solos to put my own feeling into the song. I am strongly against using tabs and going for note-for-note accuracy. It takes away the musicianship aspect of music and yields boringness. My advice to anyone is to put your own feeling into a song and quit relying on tabs.

How long have you been playing and how long did it take for you to have a good ear for songs.