No, the title is not referring to Arnold Schwarzennegar and other such guys. I'm i need of some help involving the construction of a body. I've decided on basswood for my wood due to its availablity and its low price. I was wondering, should I get a solid piece of wood and carve a guitar out of it, or should I get a few pieces and glue them? If so, how do I go about gluing? Or, should I forget about cutting my own body shape, and buy a pre-made body? I'm completely clueless on this subject, if you haven't already noticed. Please help.
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Are you going for a natural/stained look or painted? If you are doing a stain or natural I would make it all one piece. If its going to be painted over then you could do more than one piece.

Edit: That is all aesthetic though.
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I would think it would be easier to get a solid piece of wood and cut/carve it down to size, assuming you don't mind the price difference. You might consider a pre-fab body if you've never done any sort of woodwork and didn't have the proper tools (router, bandsaw, chisel etc.) If you have some tools and no experience, or experience and no tools - I say go for it. Seperate pieces needing to be glued together only adds more steps to complicate the process.