How long do medium Slinky's last? regular, etc?
Are there any other strings companies that have ones that last long
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They're like $3 man.. I always use Ernie Balls and change them when I feel rust, or before a show. My favorite strings.
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If you only use them for room practice, under 2 or 3 hours a day, they'll last a good month. Although they do lose their edge faster than other strings..... but yeah, they're only $3 anyway, and the coated strings are usually about $10, which is a helluva lot for strings.
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I meant how long do they usually last. A month? I haven't changed my strings in 6 months.
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I meant how long do they usually last. A month? I haven't changed my strings in 6 months.

I am going to buy you a pack of strings.

How can your guitar stay in tune? How does you live with your tone.
i use them on my bass but i dont like their guitar strings unless i get the heavier gauges that last fer about 3-4 months.
If you play regularly you should change your strings once a month. Elixer's say they last three times as long as normal strings. They also come with a hefty price tag so I would suggest DR strings for a good compromise. They last a long time and don't break as easily and they run about $5.99.
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they all last quite a while.
I play every day and have the 9.42s on my guitar....theres currently a set on there thats been there for 3 months now...
I used to replace them once a month but got bored with all that work and found they last long.

If im planing on recording ill normally swap the strings out.
i use them on a bass. they keep that "new" sound for about a week. They stay "performance ready" for a couple of months, then they become more and more dull. I can't speak for individual sets, but Ernie Ball makes very high quality strings. Also, GHS make some very nice strings with lots of options to choose from.
god on my electric the stings are MAX 1 month old, on my acoustic MAX 3 weeks
Oh...I see. Thanks, but is there that much of a difference with the diff. kinds of Ernie Ball strings?
ernie balls rust way too fast. i'd rather spend double for one set of good strings that last more than twice as long.
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In my personal experience, Ernie Ball strings do not rust quicker than other brands. Ernie Ball makes great strings at a great price and supply them to the worlds best musicians like slash, clapton etc. I swear by them on electrics and bass.
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ernie balls cost me £3.99, (about $8)

Anyway, I use Ernie Balls and they last me a decent amount of time. I can't really quantify it.

The length of time your strings last depends a lot on the atmosphere where you live, dust in your house, how much your hands sweat, how often you play, etc etc
come to think of it the ones i had on last lasted 3 weeks and i didnt really do proper guitar due to exams, my d'darrios or how ever its spelt have lasted less im gunna try GHS next
When I can afford it, I try and change my strings once a month or depending on what's going on musically, every 2-3 weeks. I used Ernie Balls exclusively.