ok ive never had a tube amp! there i said it fact is im horrible at choosing amps, i don't know why. i even have a mg so this summer im saving for a tube amp! smart right? so anyway i have a horrible budget 500 dollars max. im open to non-namebrand amps and anything unorothodox. i would like something with decent wattage above like 30 wats and really good tone im about ready to chuck my current amps out the window.

i play many types of music i would like a amp that handles classic rock and has that perfect touch to compliment my SG.
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marshall has half stacks for only 600, but i dont know if theyre any good. seems like a good deal....
valve king?
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U sure u want a floydrose? those things will make your nerves explode
I'd go for a VK. awesome amp if you get a nice pedal too. It has amazing cleans so it handles pedals really well.
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