Okay, so I've got an audition for a band coming up. I dont know how many guitarists Im competing with, but Im confident enough in my skills that Im pretty sure Ill get the spot. However, there is one question I've been unable to answer.

What song should I do?

They want a cover and an original. I've got the original ready (of course), but I need a good song to do a guitar cover of. Its a pop-punk band I'm auditioning for.Im looking for a song thats not so easy its unimpressive, but easy enough that I can learn it fairly quickly.
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heavy by collective soul, or shine by collective soul. Both are great songs and have really strong riffs in them. And they fit the genre your trying for, kinda.
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Beat It by Fall Out Boy, its featuring John Mayer on guitar
The guitar in it isn't very hard and very pop-punk.
and the solo is good.
I'm not sure what you are looking for but check it out.