I recently came to an argument which due to lack of proof ended in an agreement of disagree. That argument was based on whether or not during the play of 8-ball pool, when one designates a pocket to sink the 8-ball in, that pocket remains the designated pocket for the rest of the game.
It has always been my belief, as well as the belief of everyone I've ever played with, save this one incident, that one can designate a new pocket for each inning. However, the other party stated that once a pocket has been designated, it remains designated for the rest of the game.

If that was too long or complicated to read I'll put it simply:
When pocketing the 8-ball, can one designate a new pocket during each inning?
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usually ill pick a new pocket each innning, but ive played with people who like to keep it the same. wasnt really a big deal or anything
you call the pocket for each shot. it doesnt have to be the same pocket for the entire game.
I have no opinion on this matter.
just put the 8-ball to the pocket you put yer last ball
that's teh rulez
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Ive always played it where you get to choose the pocket each try. But that other way isnt a big deal someone wants to play like that, theres gotta be official rules somewhere.