i want a tube amp
i found a fender hot rod deville 212 for about $700
and a fender blues for around $800

ive read that theyre both really good amps, and ive played on my friends blues, but im not familiar with the hot rod
how is it?
i love my hot rod. click my profile to hear it in action.
try it out if you can. lots of people prefer the blues to the hot rod, i like the hot rod. you cant go wrong with either. unless you want lots of dirt.
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meh. dont get deville. it has less gain than a standard hot rod. actually depends on music style. seems like you play blues and those are good amps for it. i'd prefer a hot rod deluxe over those
BTW, you can get a used hotrod for under 400 bucks. near mint condition. trust me you will regret if you buy new.
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which blues model is it?
If it's the deville, i'd go for the blues series.
A bit better all around than the hotrod.
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the blues is a deluxe
the hot rod is the deville

i play clapton blues and 60's/70's rock
i liked the blues, but i guess ill have to play a hot rod before i can really decide