I'm trying to learn GnR's Don't Cry solo, I can't figure out how to play the following part. I can finger it, but not sure how to hit the two strings at the same time and slide, since there's a D string in between them.


Thanks in advance.
They are just octaves (If the A is supposed to be G). Mute the D string with your 2nd finger and use your 1st and 3rd fingers for the A and G string.
There are two ways you can do this:

Use hybrid picking. Pick the note on the A string as you would normally, but use one of your free right hand fingers to pick the note on the G string (which you've put down as another A string).

Or you could lower the finger you use to play the A string so it mutes the D string. I prefer using this technique.
thx, for the quick explanation, yeah the higher A was a typo, should be G instead. So to see if I understand this correctly, I have to hit all three strings A, D and G, but with D muted, am I right?
Correct. But you should also try hybrid picking to see which one you prefer.
Quote by leephan
Correct. But you should also try hybrid picking to see which one you prefer.

Thanks and I would try out both methods, now time for more pratices.
repeated playing of this solo will cause blisters
i played it for 7 hours on thursday, and i have this giant ass blister now

but yeah, just finger it like a power chord, but go over the D string
no offense, but if you cant get this have fun with the hammer on sequence