Yesterday when i was playing, i heard a bunch of static. and i played a song on my neck pickup, then when i switched it to my bridge pickup no sound came out for some reason

i looked at my neck pickup and it looked pushed in. here's a picture: (not the best quality sorry)

i don't have too much experience with fixing guitars, since i've only been playing for a couple years

if you can help that would be cool
To fix the guitar pickup take a screw driver adn bring them up. no sound came out probly because when the pickup went down it tore a wire. look inside and see if there are any lose wires
I have no idea if this is going to be the same for u. But u know how your guitar PROBABLY has 3 knobs to move? well, if the middle one is all the way down, on my guitar, it will only make sound for the neck pickup. so maybe try turning that knob up(just try, lol, cant hurt)
That's doesn't mean anything. "Pushed in" would just lower the output a little. It's probably your switch. If you switch back and forth real quick does it come to life? If it does, your switch is fouled. If not, your wiring is probably messed. In that case trace your wiring from that pickup and see if a wire disconnected. If so, get a soldering iron and fix it.
just take it to a shop and ask them to fix it, the same thing happened with my friends ibanez and it only took them like five minutes to fix it