i feel my playings a little sloppy, any tips on what i can do to improve the quality of my playing?

ive been playing for like a year and a half
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Dont try to play something thats too fast for you. Better to learn something slow and gradually speed up than to learn it fast and sloppy. When soloing, dont try to shred, try to have finnesse and style.
play slow. dont think you/'re gonna play a hard song full speed only after you played it like 2 times slow. slowly increase speed. take lessons, theyll tell you everything you are doing wrong, ie holding pick, bad habits, etc.
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try and play it faster and faster, it will make you focus more. if you can play it right at a million miles an hour, you can play at right at 10 miles an hour

playing slow is too boring for you, or yould do it.
also play clean - it's easier to get precise without distortion.
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Practice more and concentrate on accuracy, if you find you can't play something cleanly and accurately then you need to slow it down the the speed at which you can.
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