I heard this song a year ago on the radio. No idea who the band is or what the name of the song is. Sounds like it was made in the eighties or nineties. Genre: Jazz/Soul/Instrumental. Character: very relaxed, slow. Instruments: only overdriven electric guitar, sax, and drums. Reminds me of: The Shadows' covers of "Nights in White Satin", "Hello" or "I just called to say".

The song has the same basic tune repeated over and over again, first on guitar and then on sax. I've tabbed it out below. The song is rather slow, the guitar notes are legato. Each measure should take about 8 seconds. BPM probably far below 70.

edit: here's the tab TXT link:

Can someone please play this and tell me if it sounds familiar? Its stuck in my head, killing me.
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Good God I can't read that, fix the tab.
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Replaced the 11... My post is kinda useless now that you've got the fixed one up... but oh well.
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Thanks Taker41353. Also, sorry, the "11" in the fifth measure should be actually "13"