Hey, I just bought a INSPIRE Firewire recording interface, and without knowing the full story behind firewire I bought it expecting it to work with my computer (laptop). As it turns out, the device uses 6 pin Firewire cable with a 6 pin end, and my computer only has a 4 pin port apparently. Now I've found out that the 4 pin's just don't have a power supply through the computer but the interface I bought has an adapter, so if I were to buy a cable that has a 6 pin at one end and a 4 at the other, would it be ok to record with using an SM 57 or SM 58? What other options do I have if this isn't do-able? Thanks!
The outer 2 pins on 6 pin firewire connections are for supplying power. Since your unit is self powered, using 4 pin will not affect function in any way.
OK, now I just have to go buy the chord so I won't be worrying about it, thanks a lot.