I don't see that brand name thrown around too often, but I was talking to a local music store and they said that they have guys coming into their store that are doctors and surgeons by profession, meaning they could afford any guitar they want, but they get Hohner guitars because they sound so great. Has anyone else tried a Hohner?
I've tried em at my local new & used shop. They have a decent tone and I like the feel. Personally I prefer Seagull or Art & Luthrie, but they defenately sound and feel great for the price.
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They're decent guitars. A tad overpriced, but nowhere near as bad as the horrible commercial brands like Martin and Gibson. Hohner guitars are decent, but unless you HAVE to have one, you can do better for the money. Like Garou, I put my money toward Seagull and other brands.
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Today the Hohner guitar came into the shop I was supposed to test it at, but I didn't get to test it because some guy bought it within hours of it arriving! He looked at guitars that were over $1,000, but he said he liked the $500 Hohner better. I even talked to him on the phone. He talked about how great of a guitar it was for like half an hour. I kinda got tired of that. So I told them to go ahead and order the lefty version. I'll let you all know how it sounds once it arrives.