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ESP LTD EX400, if it was me
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this is barely a question. only an idiot would buy a zune.
The SG for sure. It'll be crazy light, and its sexy as hell. My second choice would be the ESP LTD, but I've played that SG, and its really well built.
I second LTD or Epi. I don't like Ibby's, and don't buy a cheap gibson, you'd do much better buying a mid-range or expensive Epi, unless you're buying it for the name. And who really wants to do that?

Actually, I suggest the LTD more so than the epi now that I think about it. With the LTD you can roll down the volume of the neck pup for a really good clean and not have to worry about it, you could just switch from the bridge at ten to the neck at like 7 and you'd have a cleaner sound instantly. With the Epi if you want to switch sounds quick you have to hit the toggle switch and adjust the volume knob. See what I'm saying?
anything with two humbucks... then replace whatever it comes with with Seymour Duncan Invaders
The Ibanez SZR720 or the PRS
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I would have to say that the first one and the last are my favorites.

I like the first one because Epiphones are really nice guitars and the neck is made of hard maple so it's sturdy and it'll sound very good.

And I like the last one as well because everyone knows that Gibson makes great guitars and this is a slam-dunk price if you ask me. Both the neck and body are made of mahogany, which is another wood that sounds great. Mahogany is long-lasting.

My overall opinion is that the first one might be best for the metal rhythm you desire just because of the hard maple neck that you will probably be mashing down on and maple seems to have a better sound for metal IMO.

But that's the thing about shopping online for guitars; You can't actually try out the guitars so you just might want to do some research in your spare time.
No I dont want a trem if I put one in there I didnt mean to. Actually another main thing I do I want is a 25.5 scale guitar. My LTD EC-500 is a 24 3/4 and I cant dig into it like my RG that one reason why I want another guitar. Im raising the $$$ by selling my EC,RG and Palomino on Ebay.
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Well, Ill go through one by one

Epiphone SGs are usually nice guitars, or at least thats my experience with them. You might want to be careful what amp you are running through, because the tone is not the best for metal, In my opinion.

Ibanez RG- I don't really know this guitar, so no comment

The ESP V is a nice guitar, excellent neck, and really nice playability. Obviously, the V shape can get annoying, because if you ever sit down while playing, even if its just jamming at home, the guitar is gonna fall off your lap. In terms of tone, it sounds great

The other ESP is a really nice guitar. Good finish, good playability, essentially, all around nice. Not many issues with it.

I am not a fan of Ibanezs in general, I find the frets to be ridiculously raised, and playability not very good. This guitar is no exception.

The Ibanez V blade is not a good choice. It combines everything bad about the Ibanezes with the lack of comfort of a V. You would be better off getting a bass

The PRS is nice, as are all PRSes, and has that distinctive PRS tone. It sounds good, plays nice, and is a good bet all around.

And finally, the ESP viper. Nice guitar, but not as nice as the other ESPs.

Alright, after looking, I would say that your best bets are the PRS and the ESP LTD (not the V). However, the best guitar for you is not one of those. Its this. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Schecter-C1-Plus-Electric-Guitar?sku=513010

This is the best guitar around under $700. Nothing else compares. Just try playing it, and you will agree completely.
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the esp mh and the ibanez v
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The v-500
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i would say the SG because i have always wanted a gibson SG because there just so awseome.
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v-500 or the sg prophecy
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the V-Blade is a nice guitar. i just bought one recently. i'm really happy with it. i hear some people have had problems with Ibanez X series, but mine seems to be fine so far. don't really know much about the other ones.
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I can play my v-500 sitting down. Obvioslyyou need a strap but just stick the bottom horn in between your neck and play classical style. Otherwie awesome axe, i just bought one. My only beef with it isthat it has an emg 81 on the bridge and neck. WTF is up with that, why not an 85 or 89 on the neck. The 81 on the neck is very noisy and doesnt have the neck pup characteristics (smooth clean tone)
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Im looking for a nice Metal Rythym guitar with a hot bridge PUP and good clean neck PUP. Set or neck thru neck, no trem preferably a string thru. I really more than anything want the neck to be sturdy and build to be better than the price. My price limit is $700 max and I just want the most for my money. I have alot of choices so I'll ask you guys to pick your favorite 2. Please choose the best overall guitar not the best looking. My choices are...

Rule out the RG and the MH because those have trems.
With the right amp, the Faded V and the PRS have enough gain for metal rhythm, but if you want to drive you amp harder, I wouldn't look into those.
No guitar is going to be built better than the price, you get what you pay for.
And do you really need EMGs? I mean, they can be cool to some, but the novelty might wear off and a little variety can do wonders.

EDIT: IMO Vs and SGs aren't my definition of rhythm guitars, unless you play tech death metal or something. Have you looked into (actual, not the Eclipse you have) Les Pauls?
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I honestly dont want EMG's I'll take thm if its in a guitar I want but would prefer passive. The main reason I was looking at Ibanez is because they tend to have guitars that have my favorite specs. I like a 25.5 scale alot more than a 24-3/4 scale. It just feels better to me so I guess I go with either the Ibanez RG or V. I like the rg I have but isnt great. Im really haveing a hard time deciding what I would be set with for awhile. Whatever I get Im sure it will sound great on my new B-52 AT112.
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Dude its got a beautiful quilted maple top, actually has ebony for the fretboard?! and those EMGs are pretty good. And the best part is that the price is very decent, you'll have some extra to get it professionally setup.
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Metal Rythm Guitar, Neck Through, no Trem.

Its a Sig and a bit over priced, but i personally liked the feel of the Epi Zakk Wylde guitar, another option would be a hardtail Shecter. for rythm, im asuming you dont want a Super thin Neck?
epiphone sg or the prs

i think both of them are pretty suitable rhythm guitars

i dont see the point of buying an rg without a tremelo, that is what makes them rg, save the s series