Hey i was just wondering if anyone has/knows someone who has installed a Kaoss pad in their guitar and if there is some kind of video or walkthrough of how to do it. I was thinking of installing it (if i do get one and decide to try to install it for a summer project) in my starcaster bcuz if i screw up i'll be like o well and then post pics proving that there are guitars worse than a starcaster. Just for the lulz.

Thanks, HP
Search on google for phills mod, it'll come up, its a great walkthrough. I'll be using it once i've got my KP2
I have all 3 Kaoss Pads, I'd recommend 2 or 3, not 1. Personally, I use my KP1 for vocals and the other two for guitar effects, and of course, number 3 is the best in sound.

Plus, KP3 looks coolest.

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