So i bought this pickup used off of ebay. It is an EMG 85 with the quick disconnect and it doesn't seem to work. Has anyone ever heard of a dead pickup? Could it just be a bad pot? Would the jack cause it to be bad? I get noise and it increases and decreases as I turn the pot, but no guitar sound, just fuss. When I disconnect the pickup everything goes quiet. When I connect the battery it "clicks". I only have one volume knob, no tone. I know the Cable is good, the battery is good and I think the pot is good. What else could go wrong with the electronics? I've tried several wiring methods. I used the ones on the EMG website and a few of my own that I thought would make sense, but it is not working at all! Help!
lol 1 volume and no tone? what? its an active pick up, it needs its own pod for volume and tone, i jus put a emg 81 and 85 in my bc rich i dont think i understand what u rae saying, it makes no sense atall lol
make sure the cable is the right side up when plugging into the pickup

i cant remember if it is obvious or not from when i put mine in
I have 1 pickup. It is active I plugged it in both ways, I checked the correct way and did it that way and the wrong way just to make sure.
Direct wire the pickup to the output making sure the center lead or hot is going to the tip connection on the jack. Some guy on here a while back put the connector on backwards and fried one of his EMGs. Either that or you got sold a bad one.
Try the direct-to-output method, as mentioned above. That sounds like it could narrow down the source of your problems to a few things. Otherwise, contact the website.

I don't really know much about EMGs, because personally, I despise their sound, but that sounds like the best thing for you to do.

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It is most likely dead. If battery power was run into it backwards it's possible the preamp was burnt up. It's also possible that there is a short or a broken wire somewhere in the pickup. If you are not careful when connecting and disconecting a pickup then it's easy to do.
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Like this guy above already said, it's probably dead, fried or something. I read somewhere holding the soldering iron to the wires can also kill it so maybe that's what could have caused it? Either on your end or when the guy who sold it took it out of his guitar, in which case it would be an honest mistake. If that's not possible then...damn.
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