so i just played a show with my schecter C1-FR. and it is the 4th show, (which brings it to 4 out of 4) that it has gone out of tune early on. Now, i dont think that a guitar should go that bad out of tune, after a 4 song set...and i only use the whammy in the last two songs...and not very much...

so im just fed up with it, and im not sure what i should do. my options are.
1:trade in the guitar for something better
2:pay to have an actual floyd rose put in as opposed to the licensed.

however, i bought this guitar because it is really the only one out there that has everything i want
mahogany body
active pickups (preferably duncans)
2 volume switches
24 frets
no ugly binding (i find the hellraiser binding to be hideous)

my question to all of you is. first off, is there another guitar out there anyone can reccomend? secondly, is there anything i can do to fix my guitar? would it just be cheaper to replace the floyd rather then get a new guitar?
i'd get a Rg or a good end ESP
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maybe it just needs a good setup. i just had my guitar re-setup by my usual guitar tech as opposed to the setup that was done at the shop when i bought it and it stays in tune better now. just a thought.
Maybe you are setting it up wrong.
Every guitar can stay in tune, there are things you have to do, and possibly things you have to fix.

If you ever change tunings or strings, you need to reset the vibrato system.
This involves tweaking with the the claw springs in the back cavity.

If you find that you are mainly diving and not pulling up, you can block it with a piece of wood.
This means you cannot pull up, but it will stay in tune MUCH better.
This works vice-versa too (If you only want to pull up, etc.)

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i'd get a Rg or a good end ESP

i really dont like the RG series, and ESP's have the 5 way switch, which i cant stand.

i also can not block my floyd, i dont really understand the point of that. i dont see the point of having a floyd if you cant go up.

so should i just take it into a store? and see what they can do?
Quote by Rizzo228
i'd get a Rg or a good end ESP

i cant stand rg's
they dont have real floyd roses
you can barely tune them down a whole step
and they are a bitch to tune and restring
when you bend a string all the other open strings change pitch
would it help if i just added more springs to the floyd? mine only has 3, and theres space for 5. idk if that would help it stay in tune better?
well from my experience...i had a guitar with a licensed floyd and it would go out of tune a good amount...not major but enough to tell a difference...now i have a hellraiser with ofr and ive never had a problem...id prob get a ofr of ebay or something before trading it in...unless u have the money...then go for the hellraiser
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Are you sure you stretched the strings? Take the whammy and yank ( up and down) on it hard for 10 minutes, then retune.
that should be silly... doesnt schecters have original floyd rose installed? they should be the best fr
well ive considered the hellraisers, but i dont like the binding on them. it think it stands out too much and is ugly. (i know im picky)

and yes, i stretched the strings probably about a dozen times for 2 days before my last show.

some schecters come with the licensed floyd's.