I own a Toneport UX2 and lately I have been increasingly frustrated by it -- mainly the gearbox software that you have to run with it. The overall recording quality of the toneport seems to be very good, but gearbox is driving me up the wall. The distortion is horrible, I really like the cleans, but recording acoustics and vocals with a mic is also a huge challenge because of the simulated preamps. I've been reading, and the Presonus Firebox has gotten some really good reviews. Dave (because I know you are going to read this) I know you are big on the Onyx Satellite, any particular reason you like that over the firebox?

I am using a AKG perception 200 condenser. If I got the Firebox, would I end up micing my amp for the electric guitar? Any idea on how this would sound -- using a condenser on the amp (I'm going to try this with the toneport, but the retarded simulated preamps may not give me an honest sound)? I feel like recording the acoustic and vocals would definitely be better on the Firebox.

Do serious recording musicians use modeling software like gearbox and amplitube or is micing everything the way to go? If so, I feel like the Firebox (because I've read the preamps are great) would be a better option than the toneport.

Or is the Firebox even the best option for this price range -- around $150-$300? People seem to like the Firebox here. Thanks!
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if you're happy with the toneports recording quality (sans gearbox) then you should be fine just using the XLR to mic up your amp with it.

(just trying to save you money mainly)

otherwise, i believe the Firepod inherently has a higher bitrate as far as recording goes.

for the record, any band thats using line6 products for recording.. i can guarantee are NOT using gearbox. its likely that they are using a PodXT pro into a tube poweramp which is then mic'd and fed into some wicked preamps, interfaces, and AD/DA's.

good luck!
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you know, you can bypass the FX in gearbox with the power looking type button at the top right but even still the preamp on the toneports are not all that great.

I think PreSonus makes great gear except its $100 more than the Satellite and I have heard many problems with drivers when it comes to the PS interfaces.
The Satellite sounds great, has a nice amount of inputs, and has a nice arrangment with the docking base.

If you have the money, try the PreSonus and see how it works for you.