I'm an 18 3/4 year old rocker. I play guitar and I sing. Rock music is my life and my passion, and I would do just about anything to succeed in it. I can play both rhythm and lead guitar, but I prefer to play lead if I was given the choice. I live in the North St. Paul area of Minnesota but I'll travel up to 25 miles if I have to to get in a band. If you're in a rock band who's looking for a young musician with some talent and devotion, look no further. Even though I've never been in a band before, I know would love to be a part of a project that will perform shows and would hopefully hit it big someday. And I would do all that I can to help make that happen. I'm not real picky as to what genre of rock I play in, my influences very widely from metal, to soft rock, to punk rock, to progressive rock, and all over the place. So basically as long as it's rock I'll do it. The only "rock" I would object to is Emo and Evil/ devil worshiping. So If there are any local rock bands that are based in or near the Twin Cities, who are looking for a guitarist, vocalist, or both, hook me up. You can E-mail me at krswanny@yahoo.com if you're interested.

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C'mon, there's got to be some musicians out there that I can work with. Anyone Pleez.
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Seriously!? COME ON! Now, I know there has got to be some talent out there in or around the Twin Cities other than just me. Please. I would really like to hear from ANYONE who lives within 40 miles of the Twin Cities who thinks maybe, possibly, they might be somewhat interested in working with me. All's I want is to get into, or maybe even start, some sort of rock or metal project that can get me rollin' in the music world. So come on, fellow musicians, help me out. Or even better; help me help you.
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